Ten cuidado con las cucarachas voladoras
— La Mosca

Pablo en El Autobus

My sounds can be described as latin folk music in an urban context, or modern music in a latin folk environment.

I grew up listening to Salsa, Funk, Rock 'n' Roll and Punk, as well as  Joropo or Flamenco. The impact this has had on my creative output is evident in my assortments.

I've been surrounded by musicians since I was born. From my grandfather, Luis Calcaño, who gave me the inspiration, to my mother, Marianela, who gave me my first music lessons. Early in my life I studied piano and after a while I started playing the violin in "El Sistema de Orquestas" in Venezuela. Later on, I went to Berklee College of Music where I majored in Music Production and Engineering.

I have an obsession with blending and exploring sounds, instruments and rhythms. The best synth can be found in the back yard of ones grandmother's house, or a piece of wood, or a mandolin...or a real Moog

My philosophy is that our brain the ultimate synthesizer. Culture is in a constant interchange, an unstoppable mutation. 

I have divided my career into two fields, songwriting and music production.  

 Bacalao Men, my band of almost 20 years, is my songwriting garden. 

My studio at El Autobus is my music production garden where I find the way that YOU sound – and we produce music for all kinds of media: TV, Advertising, Film, etc. It is the perfect place to put into practice all music styles the have influenced my music and my life. 

Ismael Rivera

Hazle bien a tus amigos
y ofréceles tu amistad
y verás que a ti lo malo
nunca se te acercará 
en cambio todo lo bueno
contigo siempre estará.
Oyelo! en cambio todo lo bueno
contigo siempre estará. Oyelo! 


La calle es una selva de cemento
y de fieras salvajes, cómo no
ya no hay quien salga loco de contento
donde quiera te espera te espera lo peor.




Shaky lock and kicky door

Smokey air that I adore

Down in the alley is where I hunt

All is quiet on the eastern front

Under my belt of clientele, I have HBO, Burger King, Sony Entertainment Television and Pepsico, as well as TV shows and ad agencies. I also produce the music for independent artists and of course, my own Bacalao Men albums.  

I currently work out of the heart of Wynwood Miami where I form part of an amazing creative team, El AutobusEl Autobus’ projects range from the development and production of creative original content for TV Network shows to designing the cover for an independent rock band’s latest single; from managing the social media of a local community bank to developing the Latin American campaign for an international entertainment brand.

Here and Now!


There's a Starman waiting in the sky,

he'd like to come a meet us

but he think he'd blow our minds

There's a Starman waiting in the sky

He's told us not to blow it

'cause he knows is all worthwhile

He told me,

Let the children lose it

let the children use it

let all the children boogie

Simón Diaz

Quererse no tiene horario ni fecha en el calendario cuando las ganas se juntan.





if you ain't reggae for it, funk out
No-one knocking at your door, funk out
Overpowered by funk, funk out
It's combatative, repetitive
Don't life just funk you out?